Compare Domestic Appliance Insurance on Automatic Washers

August 18, 2013

If you have a home domestic appliance and need to take out insurance to cover repairs or replacements then surprisingly there are not a huge range of insurance companies out there that will cover you.

If you are buying new from the shop that you purchase your domestic appliance from will often encourage you to take out an extended warranty to cover breakdowns in the future. At the time of purchase you won’t have access to the internet to compare the price that you are being offered so think ahead, plan ahead and have some prices in mind before you purchase any extended warranty.

Argos Insurance

The main companies offering domestic electrical insurance are British Gas, Argos, Domgen and WarrantyDirect. An example of electrical insurance prices for cover on a washing machine breakdown is £8.25 per month from Domgen compared to £14.75 from British Gas which covers up to three kitchen appliances. This is the price for a new customer, suggesting that the following year the premium could well be higher. WarrantyDirect offer a similar, three item policy for just under £8.00 per month. The items must be under eight years old, but this seems good value as it offers a replacement if your item can’t be fixed, unlimited repairs up to £2000 and the option of adding more item up to eight items altogether.

Compare Domestic Appliance Insurance on Automatic Washers

Argos offer a breakdown cover insurance valid for three years priced according to the cost of your washing machine. If you have a washing machine that costs between £230 and £349.99, four year breakdown cover will cost you £121.99. The insurance policy is underwritten by Alianz.

Most of us have at least three electrical items in our house worth taking out breakdown cover for such as the washing machine, dishwasher and tumble dryer or television. By thinking ahead and taking out domestic appliance insurance before any breakdown cover occurs, you could save yourself quite a bit of money….

Compare Domestic Appliance Insurance on Automatic Washers

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