K’Nex Lava Launch Coaster

September 12, 2013

K’Nex Lava Launch Coaster Detail

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K’Nex Lava Launch Coaster Description

Be the engineer of a towering, monstrous model roller coaster with the K’NEX Lava Launch Coaster building set. Containing over 1200 colorful plastic pieces that click into place, this set includes a motorized blaster that shoots a miniature car up the volcano-shaped structure and through 20 feet of spirals, twists, and loops. Color-coded instructions make assembly easy for kids nine years and older. This exciting ride is sure to get their hearts racing! Lava Launch Coaster Ages: 9…

The KNEX Lava Launch Coaster is an all-new roller coaster building set that features an explosive, motorized blaster! Shaped like a volcano and towering over 4 feet high, the Lava Launch Coaster provides powerful performance that matches the thrilling building experience. This set includes 1,200 colorful KNEX pieces, including a motorized blaster, roller coaster car, and over 20 feet of track. Follow the color-coded instructions to build this exciting thrill ride step-by-step. Then swi…

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